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We know how important its for your organization prepare for the worst when it comes to storing information. Without a proper data backup and recovery plan, a natural disaster, security breach, unexpected server failure or any other type of unforeseen circumstance could lead to the loss of important company information.

At Ozkar Services, we provide data backup and recovery solutions that help businesses to avoid crises involving loss of important data.

Your Business Benefits From:

  • Real-Time Managed Backups:
    Our “Incremental Forever” methodology captures all changes in increments of 15 minutes.

  • On-site Virtual Server:
    If any of your servers fail, our server virtualization technology embedded in the Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows servers to be restored and rebooted within two hours. The NAS multitasks so that, even while functioning as a virtual server, it can continue to back up data from other devices plugged into the NAS.

  • Secure Remote Online Backup Storage:
    After imaging the servers, the NAS device then creates an independent 256-bit encrypted tunnel and transmits the imaged data to a secure offsite location where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format. That remote site then replicates again to an alternate data center, creating a total of three copies of the data in three geographically distinct regions. Since the data is encrypted and only you have the key, no one has access at any of the remote storage facilities.

  • 24×7 Proactively Managed Backup Solution:
    Our support department proactively monitors your backups. Failed processes generate immediate alerts to our engineers, who often remotely correct errors within minutes of receiving notification. In case of more serious NAS (Local Network Area Storage) issues, we will conduct repairs at your site. If any NAS units are irreparably damaged or destroyed, we will overnight ship replacements—pre-loaded with all stored data—directly to your location.

Let Us Give You Peace Of Mind

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